Mold Remediation / Removal

Process including removal and demolition, disinfecting, containment and other safe methods.

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Step 1 - Inspection and Mold Testing

First step to examine and determine if you don’t have a visual mold is TESTING. Either manually with moisture reading or Air samples for lab results, depends on your needs.

Step 2 - Mold Removal

Demolition time! We will remove the infected walls, sheetrock, ceiling, drop ceiling, flooring, carpet etc. All the way down to the base.

Step 3 - Wire, Sanitize and Disinfect

Wire brush, sanitize, damp and paint with mold repellent primer. and everything inside a contained area to prevent infection to other areas and spore to go elsewhere.

Last step before Repair and installation

Air scrubber and / or dehumidifier to clear and filter the area.

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