Water Damage mitigation and restoration and what to do now?

Often and hopefully not often you will get to an “accident” where you will face a water damage in your house.

What starts as a small dripping that you think is not urgent can be a small pipe cap that loosen up ending as a flood!

How can you prevent from a water damage to happen:

1. If you see or smell any water in your house while all the faucets are close, check the source of the smell.

2. check all the visible water pipes and connectors in your house to make sure they are fully closed and/or connected.

3. If you see water on any surface or on the floor or in closet, try to discover the source right away and if it looks like a big dripping first shut of the main water supply valve to the house.

4. Call a plumber to check for the leaking source.

What happen if you didn’t have time to call the plumber?

In that case – first put a bucket under the leaking point and shut off the main water supply valve.

If the leaking is from the ceiling and it’s already became a flood by the time you shut off the valve, you will have to call a water extraction team to vacuum the water and put an air blower to clear the moist from the room.

Second step is to find out if the water extraction team does also mold removal and can check if any wall or tiles needs to be removed for access water that can cause mold.

last step is to get and estimate from them and if you wish to use your insurance to get the water damage restoration bill paid, get and adjuster to file the claim for you. Best mold and water damage company can handle the insurance claim for you too.

To get a quote or water damage restoration estimate or to get help with insurance and claims with water damage you can call us directly.

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