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Suspect for mold in your house or apartment? We will conduct diagnostics and handle it right away. Our services including:

Water damage can be a major threat to your property. Having water contamination causes a variety of illnesses, skin infections, rashes or irritations. When preparing for a disaster, take note of possible contamination within your home.  Get a water damage restoration quote or if already happened then mold removal.

Mold can be found anywhere in the house where there are water. Moist in Bathroom, AC leak or pipe burst can cause mold if not treated right away…

Carpet cleaning

No matter the reason your carpet looks like it does… call us and we’ll take care of it for you, including water damage restoration and more…

Repair and construction

Nobody tells you before but MOLD REMOVAL is usally just REMOVING the mold infected  areas, we can do the repairs too…

We have a dedicated team to handle all of your construction needs too…

Post construction cleaning

Finish renovation or remodeling? call our team to get your place cleaned up and ready to move in or rent it out.

Lead and Asbestos Abatement

We have a dedicated team to handle your LEAD tests, Asbestos and HPD violations.

Stress-free Mold Removal

from start to finish

We will remove the mold and infected walls, molding, flooring, disinfect, clean the air and install new walls or flooring (optional, extra cost) and all inside a contained area to prevent the mess and cleaning hassle.

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From hotels to buildings, basements, offices and stores… we’ve seen it all!

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Any mold removal job requires 3 days of Air scrubber or / and other machines. Book your mold removal project now to enjoy 20% off on the machines rental fee.